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Are you tired of that frumpy, froudy, humdrum existence you shamefully call a life?  Ever considered undergoing what's commonly known as a social facelift?  How would you like for men--or women-- to obey your most frivolous commands while thanking you for giving them the opportunity to do so? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the door to your sexy, sensational new life is halfway open! Just put your body in famed pin-up maestro Les Toil's able and willing hands and after he's done with it, you, too, will be proud to claim the title Toil Girl! This could be the revelation of your lifetime--or it can be just another entry in your ever-growing list of great regrets. 

 Don't just sit there in unbearable hesitancy staring at this webpage and squeezing the life out of that rubber Hello Kitty stress-relief toy! Take the plunge, sister! Hundreds have already done so and the results are nothing less than phenomenal! It's the dawning of a new era, cupcake, and you'll need a brand new outfit and attitude for the big event!

The Requirements

The qualifications for being a Toil Girl are quite simple actually. First and foremost, you must be of the female persuasion. You can certainly be of any size, shape, color or age. Here at the Toil Studios  we personally believe ALL sizes and shapes are aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the true artist--and art history backs up that claim.  But, yes, we understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that simple statement is the main reason the Toil Girl came to popularity and adoration. With that said, let's move on.

To begin the process, a fair amount of photo reference is necessary for the production of a quality work of art. At least three face shots (preferably not all at the same angle), and at least one full body shot 

are needed.  Photos sent through email are preferred but snail mail will do just fine. Any and all mailed material will be safely returned. And of course we can harvest through your Facebook page for your photos. 

Who decides on the portrait concept?

Hopefully you do.  Since the objective is to produce a distinctive portrait that reflects the body and soul of the client, we feel it only right that the client, herself, conceive the theme--or at least their loved one who is gifting them this portrait.  

Mr. Toil will gladly appease your wildest whims, fantasies and desires. We want every pencil stroke and pixel to represent your loves and interests. Of course if you don't have anything in mind for a portrait, Mr. Toil will be more than happy to pull out his Big Book of Ideas and run a few clever concepts by you in the form of a quicky pencil sketch or three.  Ultimately, your pin-up portrait should represent you through-and-through, and usually that's achieved with a small investment of time expressing to Mr. Toil your ideas--be they one or a hundred ideas.

What do I get?


  • The very large (approximately 14" x 22"), original pen & ink artwork signed  by Mr. Toil. Ideal for framing.

  • A digital jpeg format reproduction of your portrait (such as the many on this website) will be emailed to you for your own personal purposes on the web (ie: Facebook, Instagram, email, text, etc...).


  • The large high-resolution (300 dpi) digital file of your portrait in JPEG format--or any format of your choice--will be emailed to you so you can reproduce your portrait from a professional print service or from the comforts of your own home.  From a large-size poster to a small-size greeting or business card to a dozen coffee cups handed out at the annual office Christmas party, the possibilities are endless.

  • Your official Certificate of Toildom. This serves as a signed binding document that states the client has the rights to do as she/he pleases with their art/portrait.  Remember, the copyright of the art is shared by both artist and client with the agreement that nothing shall become of the work that will, in any way,  defame or discredit the artist or the client of the pin-up portrait. Your certificate is also your official proof of authenticity.


How much will this thing set me back?

The final requisite that will assure you a new life of provocative promise will be your payment. The fee starts at 199.00 as that is the price of your most basic Toil Girl portrait, and the price increases depending on the complexity and detail of the theme and the background. You draped over a gorgeous Victorian couch will be on the lower end of the fee scale. You conquering Nazis in a WW2 battle scene will be a bit more pricey but I promise there's not concept that will exceed 395.00.

Your concept will be discussed through email--or phone if you prefer--and a quick pencil sketch will be emailed to make sure we're on the same page and that's when the price will be determined.

Also bear in mind there's an additional charge of 15.00 will cover the cost of your your certificate and the shipping of all your goodies (shipping outside of the U.S. will be slightly more). 

Your payment options

• You can pay 100.00 of the fee before I begin the final art and the remainder anytime after the portrait is completed and to your absolute satisfaction.  Or you can pay for your portrait in full before I begin the final art still bearing in mind satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


The possibilities for what you can do with your portrait are endless! T-shirts, giant canvas prints, business cards, coffee mugs, personal wine bottle labels, mouse pads,  smart phone covers! The ideas are only as limited as your imagination!

Make no bones about it! Les Toil will give you the kind of V.I.P. status even Kim Kardashian couldn't buy! Well, I guess she could if she commissioned Les to do her portrait. Regardless!! Come join the satisfied and mirthful many that are congregating on mountain tops worldwide to shout those triumphant words...

"I'm a Toil Girl and you're not!!"

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