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What a great friend tonight's Toil Girl in the Spotlight Lucy has. Her bestie Sharee contacted me and asked if I would create a certificate that would serve as a birthday present for Lucy stating she has a Toil Girl portrait of herself coming her way whenever she wants to arrange the details (theme, design, outfit, etc...) with me. As a matter of fact, here's that certificate now:


Toil Girl Coupon.jpg

Lucy and I soon had an email exchange about her portrait's specifics and she didn't hesitate to tell me she wanted her sexy and sensational three-wheeled motorcycle featured. She even indulged me with a photograph of her striking the pose on her bike as featured in her portrait above.

Yes, rendering cool machinery like muscle cars and motorcycles take a lot of meticulous concentration but, boy, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge because I know it's going to make for a killer piece of pin-up art.

By the way, lest I forget to mention Lucy's
friend Sharee herself is a proud member of the Toil Girl clan. Take a peek!

And with that said, hugs and thanks to both Lucy and Sharee for involving my skills to help celebrate such a long and lovely friendship.


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Inducted 04/24

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