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Give a warm round of applause for our latest gallery inductee!
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Tonight we have a very special and unique entry into the Toil Girls Gallery. Our lovely lady in the Spotlight this month is Skye and she had a very specific concept and emotion she wanted to convey in her art. For Skye's husband Leon she wanted to gift him with a very personal statement of love and appreciation and she knew that statement couldn't be expressed without his inclusion in the piece.

"I've always wanted to be a Toil Girl since I was first introduced to Les Toil's art back in 2011. In the portrait I had in mind I wanted to incorporate the one person in the world who gives me the most confidence. When I am feeling my lowest my husband Leon always says "I just wish you could see what I see when I look at you."

Together we are a powerhouse and he makes me feel like I could take on the world. Thank you, Les,  for turning our story into a work of art. I surprised him with it and he was over the moon excited to be a part of my dream. I couldn't see my Toil Girl art any other way.

Skye, I'm incredibly proud you chose me and my skills to extend that expression of love and gratitude to Leon. It's a very meaningful theme and one that I'm sure will resonate strongly will our gallery patrons. Kudos have to be given to Leon for elevating the woman he loves so effectively (we can ALL learn from that expression of compassion and appreciation to those we care for).

I'm thrilled you BOTH are satisfied with the outcome of your fantastic idea.

And Happy New Year everyone. 

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Inducted 01/24

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