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My, my, my.  Seventeen years, almost four-hundred portraits and a "few" gray hairs later and the Toil Factory is cranking out portraits of desirable damsels with more zeal than ever before. 

As dictated by an audience that demands and deserves the most technically sound means of viewing  my heavenly honeys, you have just entered my third incarnation of The Big, Beautiful Pin-Up Gallery. Until the digital dweebs program a way to make my Toil Girls lean out of your screens to kiss you, this is the most satisfying way to enjoy  the many glamazons I've had the esteemed pleasure to render since 1998.  May my previous two websites rest in peace. They served us all well.

Since graduating from art school in the early 1990s, I've been fortunate enough to maintain a  colorful career as a freelance illustrator, but my real aesthetic passion has always been creating my Toil Girl art. If my enthusiasm and love for classic pin-up art--created by such masters as Gil Elvgren, George Petty and Alberto Vargas --has never waned, I always hoped there'd be an audience out there with the same long-standing vehemence for my own art--if I executed my work with the same excitement and affection I had when I created my first plus-size pin-up portrait.

Now enough about you. Let's switch the topic to me for a moment or, more accurately, to my complete love and gratitude for every woman depicted in my gallery. These are the individuals that had enough admiration--and more importantly confidence--in my humble talent to part with their hard-earned money in hopes I would create something long-lasting and something that represents them and all that which they manifest.  What artist wouldn't be grateful to have one such client? What artist wouldn't feel as if they were blessed to have a few hundred such clients? 

 My Toil Girl portraits have come to the attention of famous actresses, film directors, talk show hosts, the BBC, and seen on popular reality shows, entertainment tabloid TV programs and documentaries. That is all due to my passion for classic pin-up art and for curvaceous women and the decision I made to bring those two interests together.   As they say, when you fervently pursue your passion with heart and determination, usually there will be other true-believers following you to that goal. 

If you smell fresh wall paint coming from the south wing of the gallery, it's because we have added a brand new feature. I'm referring to our exciting new Toil Girls Tattoo Gallery where clients and fans have immortalized some of their favorite Toil chickas on their flesh--one of which was actually executed on the popular reality show "Miami Ink"! 

Needless to say the world's most beloved countrified corn-fed curvy cutie Hilda still has her own gallery here. Artist Duane Bryers created the plump red-headed calendar queen in 1957 and I will continue to pay homage to them both until I join Duane in the big art studio in the sky.

If it's not fresh paint you're smelling then it's probably the sushi, the bacon-wrapped shrimp and the champagne being served in the reception hall.  Just a small token of my gratitude for allowing me to do what I've loved for all these years.

Now go bask in the splendor.


Big Sur 2014

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