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To those lucky people that get to look out of their windows every week day and see this fetching lass, throw her a wave and scream "Pleasure to meet you Tonya!!". And ya might as well give her a big ol' thumbs up for being this month's Toil Girl in The Spotlight.

Tantalizing Tonya has been an accountant for most of her adult life and she crunches numbers with the agility and competence of Kristi Yamaguchi on a chunk of ice. And please note that cigar ain't just some pin-up prop. Tonya appreciates the occasional well-rolled quality stogie like any other sexy shot-caller.

Hugs and high-fives Miss T and thanks a million for bringing your class and eye-pleasing appeal to the gallery. I'll be in shortly to sharpen all your pencils.


Inducted 4/18

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