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Tonight's Toil Girl in the spotlight is the tantalizing and talented Kim Barker. Kim's portrait was gifted to her by her best friend Susan who ALSO happens to be a member of our esteemed league of Toil Girls.

In addition to the general fun I experience from creating a Toil Girl portrait, this gig came with the added bonus of me being introduced to the magnificence of Kim's band Brightwire. It was through Brightwire's gorgeous selection of songs--specifically the stirring "Eye of The Storm"--that inspired tonight's portrait. As a matter of fact my first attempt at Kim's portrait (as seen below) turned out looking more like our singing siren being transported through time and space than intensely inclement weather

Kim2 2.jpg

So, yeah, if Kim ever becomes overly enthused with science-fiction, this version of her art might sit handsomely above her collection of Star Trek tchotchkes.

In the meantime, thank you so much, Susan, for considering my talents worthy of your friend Kim's affections. And, Kim, thank you and the other two members of Brightwire for bringing your kickass music to the ears of me and the rest of the planet.

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Inducted 3/23

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