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Toil Girl in new Harper-Collins Art Book

A never-before-seen Toil Girl portrait made its debut in the gorgeous new hardcover book titled Erotic Fantasy Art published by Harper-Collins. The extremely gracious British authors were originally going to publish three Toil portraits, but to my dismay they ended up settling on only one--although it was a great selection I must say! I have no interest in trying to push the book on you gallery patrons here since I'm getting zero kickback from Haper-Collins, but I have to say in all sincerity the art in this book is very, very, very, very, very good. I just couldn't believe how many people are still doing traditional painting--and so masterfully!!! And the art done solely on the computer was absolutely top-notch as well! This world-wide collection of art features women in fantasy/ sci-fi/adventure scenarios, but I was disappointed mine was darn-near the only big girl in the entire book. And we're supposed to believe all women looked like Kate Moss back in the sword & sorcery days??? Erotic Fantasy Art is still a phenomenal book to own for those of you maintaining a handsome art section in your home library. Erotic Fantasy Art at The Book Depository

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