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Tonight we are fortunate to have a hostess with the mostess. Meet tonight's tantalizing temptress, the one and only Shiba Palmer. If you think she's nice to look at, you ain't heard nothin' yet.


The accessories that this fashionable goddess travels with happen to be in the form of musical talent. Shiba has a beautiful and powerful pair of vocal chords and she can hold a soulful note longer than Mark Spitz can hold his breath. But more of that later.


This "well-rounded" and well-traveled chanteuse is a web designer that was originally from Detroit, MI. Shiba really knows how to put those captivating curves to use as she loves to dance, do yoga and bike among many other activities that keep her fit as a bass fiddle.


But what is Shiba passionate about? God, her family, her friends--and the lack of DRAMA in her life. Preach on, sister!

But the very bottom line in Miss Palmer's life is and will always be music. The beautiful sounds that come out of Shiba's mouth are in the forms of R&B, Rock, Blues and Jazz. Having been the mouth piece in numerous bands throughout her life, she's been a solo act since 1999.


Now about this pretty picture of you above...


I have been wanting to be a Toil Girl since 2001, when I saw my fellow "curvy girl" Venus on Les's site. God and my Mom gave me the best proportions, and the inability to be skinny (Yay God!), so why hide?!

One of my favorite quotes is from an old 1950 folk song:


"The woman I love is fat and chocolate to the bone, and every time she shakes, some skinny woman loses her home.'"


Well Shiba, keep on shakin', singin' and everything else that substantiates the declaration that big girls rock. You have fans in the music world, and now you have fans in the pin-up art world, including yours truly who couldn't be happier to have been approached with such a smoldering assignment.


By the way, it would probably benefit your state of mind to seek out Shiba Palmer's musical talents on youtube.

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