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A bit of background on tonight's Toil Girl.


Venus, the Roman goddess of love (also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology), was born to the sea and the sky and is arguably the most painted woman in all mythology. She's served as inspiration to many great works of art including the statue Venus De Milo and the great painting The Birth of Venus by Boticelli.


It is the goddess Venus who inspires the innermost feelings of the heart and the source of human passion. She is also associated with the rites of marriage, Spring and fertility. Venus is known as the most beautiful and charming woman, and with those attributes she can seduce anyone, even the Gods. She was called the laughter loving goddess because she would laugh sweetly or mockingly at those her charms had conquered.


Though there are many other exhaulted goddesses associated with love, Venus reigns supreme as THEE one true Goddess of Love.


Well, as you can see, I, too, was seduced by Venus's charm into immortoilizing her in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. OK, so I have to assume our Venus could probably link her lineage to the queen of the Nile before linking it to a Roman goddess. Regardless, our Venus clearly has the ability to charm the toga off of your average Roman or Greek god in a New York minute.


Venus, eternal thank-yous for giving me the honor of rendering your portrait and allowing the rest of us meager mortals to worship you from the halls of my cyber gallery. Pious smooches, baby.

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