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Good evening art patrons! I have an exceptionally special Toil Girl to bring to the Spotlight tonight! If I'm not mistaken Kendra--our latest member into our gallery of glamour--is our very first second generation Toil Girl!! Yes it's true! Kendra is the beautiful offspring of that "swinging" sensation of a Toil siren Miss Terri!!!   And it was Terri that approached me about her daughter's interest in the project.  To make the project even cooler--young Kendra expressed she wanted to be depicted as a high elf enchantress in accordance to her approaching wedding which had a Lord Of The Ring theme!  Kendra art directed every aspect of the portrait from jewelry to dress to the color of the butterflies--all of which made my job just that much easier. Nothing like creating a work of art for a client that represents the client completely.

Hugs and thanks to Kendra AND her beautiful and big-hearted mama Terri for incorporating my art into two generations of your family.  


Inducted 8/20

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