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This effervescent diva of the dugout gifted this portrait to her dear and beloved hubby. Here's the lowdown.

"I grew up in Southern Cal but was an Angels fan. I knew who Steve Garvey was and my husband is a huge baseball fan and got me hooked too. Garvey was his all-time favorite player--hence the number six".

I love creating sport-related portraits for folks, and this one here turned out cuter than cute. Thanks for the smile-inducing assignment Terri!

Post script 10/14/18

I'll let Terri's husband Michael share the exciting news of what happened on this fine October Sunday afternoon.

"A few years ago (knowing Steve Garvey is my childhood hero) Terri had this Les Toil artwork made for me. Today, Steve Garvey admired and signed this piece.

I told him the last time I got his autograph was on August 28th, 1977. I mentioned he would remember that day, as it was a big day for him. He said, most people didn't even pay attention to the fact that Don Sutton threw a two hit shutout that day. Garvey had 3 doubles, a Homer and a Grand Slam Homer. Five extra base hits, five RBIs and scored five times. He took 3 curtain calls. They called it Garvey Sunday."

And here we are again on Garvey Sunday! Great, great history there. And Michael, Terri and sports legend Steve just made some top-notch Toil Girl history with that story as well.

A million thanks for sharing that event and this photograph with us, folks. I couldn't be prouder."




Inducted 11/15

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