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People, come take a seat down here in the sand--or in the grass--whatever the case may be--and pour a sweet little glass of Wiski into your eyeballs. Wiski Lee happens to be our brand new Toil Girl in the Spotlight and she'll be here long after monsoon season is over.

As you can see from her photograph, I don't do the real-life Wiski justice--but, hopefully, I came close. But who is the person behind that lovely kisser? Well, maybe these words from Wiski's friend Christie sum up her character in a nutshell:

"My Wiski! She is intelligent and real. A great mom, a caring friend, a superb human being! I'm honored to call her my friend."

But why the two different backgrounds, you ask? Because my feeble butt didn't pay closer attention to her husband Scott's original suggestion that we plant her feet firmly in her favorite location.

"Wiski loves the beach more than anything in the world and especially our favorite in Ensenada, Mexico".

Well hopefully Scott and Wiski won't mind if I include my original background as well. It will let gallery patrons know this beauty fits in well within ANY scenario.

Folks, thanks immensely for the fun gig. Always a joy to illuminate these gallery walls with a new gorgeous smile.

And Scott, a separate bro-hug to you for helping to spread the fine name of Toil throughout the galaxy with your stellar business advice.



Inducted 7/18

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