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Evening, folks. Don't let the piano fool you. Yes, our latest Toil temptress who goes by the name Goddess is very much a music patron, but trust me when I tell you the type of cats she prefers to hang with do NOT sing and dance on a Broadway stage. Regardless, Goddess is very much the cuddly kitten she's portraying in her above art so feel free to welcome her with open paws and claws.

Here's another superb example of a client who knew exactly what she wanted. Goddess art directed this pin-up portrait with confidence and a razor-sharp vision of how she and the her surroundings should look from the top of her lovely auburn tresses to the bottom of those stealthy stilettos. Since she digs ALL big cats, making a decision whether to share the spotlight with a lion, a tiger or a panther was a difficult one. In the end the results of her creative choices helped to make this a rich and classy endeavor. I can almost hear Sarah Vaughn singing, I can almost taste soft Spanish Brandy, and I can almost smell the scent of Goddess' favorite perfume White Diamonds.

Goddess, thanks for bringing your velvet-smooth concept as well as that irresistibly darling face to my humble art gallery. You definitely spruce the joint up something nice. Give me a call if you decide to start giving piano lessons, although I'm afraid my sour notes might ruffle your little friend's fur.


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