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I'm so glad Tracy, tonight's belle of the tango ball, is wearing high-quality dance shoes because she's going to be busting phenomenal moves on this gallery floor for many years to come.

What a knock-out, right? And just imagine her with a British accent! (((((swooon))))). Yep, Tracy hails from a quaint little burg called London, England. And she also has quite the generous hubby. Here's part of the initial email she sent me explaining how this all began.

"My husband has just asked me what I want for my birthday and I wasted no time in replying 'I want to be a Toil Girl!'

I've admired your work for years (from the days of dial-up! LOL) and I couldn't wait any longer to finally be immortalised by you.

I have recently started learning the Argentinian tango, and, despite being far from a master, that is how I would like to see myself."

That was quite a few months ago so maybe, at this point, Tracy has become a tango virtuoso. I'm sure we'd all love to see a demonstration of all she's learned.


A warm thanks to both Tracy and her extremely thoughtful husband for making my humble skills such an important part of her big celebration.  Hugs and high-fives from across the pond!

Inducted 4/16

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