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Bow in reverence and admiration to tonight's mistress of ceremonies, the radiant Tracey. Well wipe the sand off your sandles, peel yourself a grape and come sit and enjoy the view.This Toil Girl is in a luxurious lineage of dynastic divas that prefers their sanctuary to be draped in silks and satins, but there's more behind Tracey's theme than meets the eye. When she contacted me about creating her portrait, this was the inspiration I was given:


Regarding a concept, well I have spent much time in the Middle East over the last fifteen years and I love arabic architecture and the mystery of the old concubine/slave days of the arabian nights.  In fact it has always been my fantasy long before I even went to the Middle East to be standing outside a huge tent in the middle of the desert dressed in something provocative and have an arabian knight on a white steed swoop down and drag me inside of the tent and become very passionate on a bed of coloured silk cushions.  Unfortunately, I have not realized this fantasy in all my years there!!!

Tracey, I'm not sure too many people have had that particular fantasy come true in the last four-hundred or so years--outside of a silent era movie actress in an old Rudolph Valentino film. But I guarantee you'd turn more heads than a tennis match and generate just as many admiring smiles if you left the house in that outfit. But for the time being we'll keep you to ourselves in this palatial sanctum of seduction.

Thanks and praises to Tracey--the queen of the smile!

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