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I hope the captain of this row boat abides by the sage old advice of never picking up hitch-hikers! Major YIKES! If you can get past the rotting vagabond trying to call shotgun you'll see that tonight's Toil Girl Tiffany is just as pretty as he is moldy.


Talk about having an easy assignment. Before I even had the chance to ask Tiffany what kind of theme or concept she wanted for her portrait she told me right off the bat that--


"I'm into horror movies--'A Nightmare On Elm Street', 'Halloween', 'Jeepers Creepers',  etc...--so maybe something along that route".


And then in Tiffany's next email she shared her own idea design--one that pays homage to the classic fright flick "Friday The 13th". She wanted to depict decrepid ol' Jason rising from the lake and attaching himself to her leg with Camp Crystal Lake in the background. I wrapped my enthusiasm around that theme like it was a long-lost pooch! Perfect! And what fun I had creating that image.


Tiff, thanks much, much, much for being such a darling scream queen and for sharing your love for the living dead with us. We always appreciate a good romance theme here at the Toil Girl Gallery--even if it involved girl meeting ghoul.


To all of you out there--goodnight...whatever you are.


Inducted 12/17

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