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"The better to see you, my dear!"

And without the skillset of tonight's Toil Girl--Tia--many of us could only enjoy her beautiful through an inperfect blur that genetics delt us. You see, this tall glass of good looks showed an interest in optometry at the tender age of seventeen and has been a certified optician ever since.

A little more about Tia. Our Michigan
mademoiselle is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented photographer with an eye for the aesthetic. I've seen her camera work and it's evident the left side of her brain is working overtime.  And when she's not looking through the eye of a camera, she's often swimming or ballroom dancing. I'm not surprised. You don't get such a statuesque chassis like that from just giving eye exams.

Tia, dear, thank you so so much for incoprporating your profession into your portrait.  It gives my pin-up gallery so much more dimension.  Although being a vision of loveliness doesn't hurt the joint either.


Inducted 9/16


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