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Sylver Hawk


It's the coming of the Storm Age. Amongst great wizards and sages there walks a beautiful mistress of magic known as Sylverhawk.


Hallowed ground is where ever Sylverhawk treads, and this may explain why the forest, her realm, is filled with such mystery and mysticism. With the aid of her living orb of energy she is the protector and nurturer of the woods and its inhabitants. Gaze into Sylver's glistening globe and you will see the spirits of the Earth and the spirits of the stars coalescing (as if dancing) in the pursuit of purity and perfection. Gaze too closely and the veins of electricity may singe your eyebrows, for the power Sylver wields in her hypnotic ball can topple the highest mountains.


However, it is the striking and graceful form of Sylverhawk, the woman, that radiates the dark forests with such fiery passion. It is the ethereal beauty of she that will preserve order and harmony from the dirt beneath her feet to the farthest reaches of the constellations.


That describes Sylverhawk the spirit of the Nether world forests, but Sylverhawk the mortal isn't doing so bad either. It is the incredible dresses she wears at the many Renaissance fairs she attends that inspired this portrait. She sent me numerous shots of herself in these awe-inspiring goth gowns, and when I laid all of her photos out in front of me, the above image was what I saw, at least in my mind. This was a great example of someone's interests dictating the outcome of the art.

By the way, this portrait sets a rather notable precedence. If you can't tell by just looking at this piece, this is my first artistic collaboration. The other artist is Ms. Tina Coggins, and she's responsible for Sylver's glowing magic orb. I envisioned something wondrous for he glowing globe, but Tina's creation completely surpassed my dreams and expectations. I see so much activity happening inside of that ball of energy. The fine and miniscule beauty just can't be fully appreciated from the limited amount of computer pixels the internet allows. This closer view below may give you a better image.






Sylverhawk, may your presence forever illuminate the darkened paths when we so desperately need light and protection. And may your living rock continue to vibrate life and love to all of the supreme forces of nature.
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