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No, tonight's Toil Girl in the Spotlight isn't an Amazon born on Paradise Island but Susan does take a strong stance against Nazis, racism, sexism and all other manifestations of hate and oppressive intolerance.

So why DID Susan choose this significant and super figure as her theme?

"Wonder Woman was my first glance at a powerful, confident, strong woman. The original girl boss. I loved her from the time I first saw her."

Now to elaborate on the interests of our own real life super heroine. Susan loves to put her hands in rich soil to get her gardening on as one of many acts of deep appreciation for Mother Earth. Susan also describes herself as a "hippie born at the wrong time" that is forever fighting for rights and equality for all.

With that said I personally believe Susan is more than worthy to pose in those iconic boots of freedom and justice.


Jump into your Shaguar and ride off into the night, love.



Inducted 11/2021




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