From the belle of the ball to the toast of the town, the gorgeous Miss Stacy is Southern California's socialite with the most to like (did ya see what I did there??). But, yeah, Stacy is a true social butterfly within the Los Angeles community of plus-size hotties--and well beyond. I've known her for quite a few years now but the friendship ain't official until I finally give her an actual Toil-size grizzly bear hug on the dance floor--or ANY floor for that matter.


As an artist that started off by tracing over his favorite super-hero comic books I couldn't help but to plunge into Stacy's portrait with complete glee. This super woman came up with a fitting concept--and just a great image showing the strength and the confidence that women of ALL sizes possess within. It may be hidden down deep--but it's there.

I can sleep with a new-found sense of tranquility knowing that all the other Toil Girls in the gallery are being looked after by this wonder(ful) woman. 

And, no, fellows, I am NOT sharing Stacy's home phone number! Find someone else to fight your crimes!


Inducted 3/16