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Bow down and pay reverence and gratitude to this bodacious and bountiful amazonian know far and wide as Stacey. She's our Toil Girl of the month and she'll rule September with a firm but extremely soft hand.

As an artist that not only loves full-figured women but also flips his lid over red heads, it was sheer joy applying pencil and paint strokes to Stacey's pin-up portrait. I also applied my expertise in the field of kitschy sci-fi movies to help pull this epic endeavor off. And by the way, I based that unique throne she's sitting on from what's known in Texas as a bullhorn chair. I fell in love with those things when I stumbled upon one in an antique shop in Petaluma, CA. Of course her chair is made from an alien alloy by the hands of her loyal subjects that ask for nothing more in return for their services than to grovel at the boots of our stunning sovereign sexpot.


Stacey, thanks a million times over for the ultra-awesome concept and for simply having enough confidence in my work to approach me with said idea. As I mentioned earlier, it was a barrel of monkeys creating this and I look forward to putting the shackles back around my neck and joining the fellows in the front row.

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