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Ahoy slags and swabbies! Tonight we have the most seafaring lady buccaneer to sail this side of the Mullet Peninsula (and no, I'm not referring to the part in Billy Ray Cyrus's hair). Her name is Sionann, and whatever respect ye lousy landlubbers don't give her, she'll gladly take out of your hide with a razor-sharp cutlass! Arrrgg!!

Look smartly, me hearties! Sionann was given this portrait as a right friendly and generous birthday present from her maties. They dug deeply into their loot sack and spent their swag to appease the fancies of their dearest picaroon. And who was I to not bloody-well accommodate such a fetching and fine-spirited pirate wench as Sionann?

Begad, bucko! It tain't just the starboard of a pirate ship sailing over the briny deep sea Sionann can be found at. Nay, barnacle breath! She can also be seen singin' a fine shanty and spilling great grog at your better renaissance faires. Tis true! This fetching pirate wench is known far and wide to party like it's 1999--or more accurately, 1799.

Sionann was quite instrumental in the creation of this work of art, as she provided me with handy images of saucy underthings and authentic pirate gear not the least of which being the handsome pirate coat she sussed out for this aesthetic occasion.


I meself think I did a bloody crackin' job on this piece of jolly flog, although deep in the recesses of me dusty binnacle I knew even the most common of sea scurvies would figure out it took a fair maid of noble beauty like Sionann to make it all a smashing success.

Sionann, ye may look like a cold-blooded doubloon-thievin' pirate wench, but avast, I know ye to have a heart of pure precious gold.

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