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f you love something or someone, be it tall or small in stature, you will allow it to be free.That's what tonight's Toil Girl Sheila is doing, for she knows her many colorful friends will return in even greater abundance and exquisite hues.


This bit of surreal imagery came to me some four or five years ago. I can't recall if the concept struck me in a dream or if some element within another's work of art or work of literature spawned the above theme. Regardless, I didn't wait too long to sketch it on paper as a reminder to keep my eyes open for the perfect client to apply this concept to. So many years later I discovered Sheila to be that client. In her kind, sensitive and spirited way, she expressed to me her love, appreciation and respect for nature and the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. She also had a very strong affinity for butterflies and even sports one on her left shoulder! She absolutely adored the sketch and said it did a good job of representing the freedom of spirit, body and soul she wishes upon all living creatures.


About the final piece of art, Sheila comments:


My portrait still has pride of place on the lounge wall and is still the subject of much admiration. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down, I love looking at it and imagining myself walking barefoot through the countryside. I love every part of the portrait , it totally caught the essence of me, totally free-spirited.


Sheila, your enthusiasm for the beauty of Earth couldn't have motivated me more in this project, and I'd like to think the outcome exceeded my expectations. Hugs and thanks to your sweet, dear and beautiful self for allowing my own creative soul to fly free.


With outstretched arms or outstretched wings, everyone's essence should boldly take flight with no fear of restraint.

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