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Say "Hello" to Sharyn--tonight's Toil Girl in The Spotlight--in as many different languages as you know and chances are she'll respond back "How are you?" in that very same language.

Ya see, Sharyn is a gorgeous globehopper that didn't have a solid concept in mind but she did give me enough personal data to help me pull something tasty out of my Big Book of Ideas.

" Well I love doing scrapbooking & travelling (having just returned from a six week honeymoon). I love helping people, I am a nurse. My favourite flower is the red rose and my favourite colours are red and purple."

Clearly I concentrated on Sharyn's first sentence as the image it conjured up broadsided me like a beautiful pillow full of kisses. Fortunately she liked the surreal imagery I submitted to her in a quicky pencil sketch. If she didn't then her and I would have brainstormed towards something equally as awesome.

Sharyn, thanks immensely for lending your lovely existence to the Toil Girl gallery and for having confidence in my humble aesthetic skills.

By the way, Sharyn also happens to be the first Toil Girl of 2017. Pleasant way to ring in the new year I'd say.

Inducted 1/17


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