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Wanna talk about hotter than a fried jalapeno? Well then let's talk about Sauce--that's MISS Sauce to you, buddy.

Since I don't do them too often, whenever a model/client comes about that lends herself to a fun concept and an even funner dialogue caption, I jump on to speak. I mean, come on, with flaming red hair, a full, curvaceous body, and Ellen Barken eyes that would seduce Fidel Castro out of his last cigar, how could I not go full throttle with Sauce's portrait? Granted, she's one of the smallest hotties I've ever drawn in pin-up form, Sauce pridefully considers herself a big, beautiful woman none the less.

OK, so enough about the art per se, let's learn about the Sauce Girl herself.

She loves to sing and is pretty darn good from the data I've gathered. She diddles on the computer to the point of being a full-fledged Photoshop filters freak (if Adobe software had a clue of how many people have become rabidly addicted to their PS filters they'd create a de-tox center for them). Sauce is absolutely silly about animals and is gonna pay homage to that love affair by having a tribal design tattoo featuring a butterfly immortalized right above her heavenly glutius marvellus (her butt). That's a work of art only her beloved hubby Spanky will be able to appreciate on a regular basis.

Oh! And she hails from Texas. If that isn't a fitting locale for this hot tamalita, then I don't know what is.

Anyway, I personally want to thank the awesome Ms. Sauce for spicing up my gallery as she so tantalizingly has done. Even the sushi in my buffet room has gone soggy thanks to her heating things up around here.

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