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What an absolute thrill it is to welcome tonight's Toil Girl into the spotlight. This aesthetically astounding lass is Rose and she creates works of art as beautifully as she inspires works of art from others (such as myself).

Yes, it's true. This modest maiden hand makes some of the most eye-boggling wonders you'd ever want to wrap your body in. Rose's art is crocheting and the fruits of her talent are called Wubbies.

"in my family they are called "wubbies" because when my oldest daughter was a little toddler, she couldn't say "lovey" nor could she say blanket, but she could say wubbie."


Call them what you will--they are simply gorgeous. I was truly floored by what I saw after I coaxed this self-proclaimed "hooker" into sharing images of them with me. I don't think she's ever gone home from a competition without a top ribbon. I mean, they're truly awe-inspiring. Take a peek....

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 12.05.22

So, yes, you can imagine when someone this creative approaches another artist with a commission, Rose is going to be strapped to the teeth with fresh ideas. And, fortunately for me, she was.

"I AM the possum girl! :)  For my portrait I'm thinking about some kind of crochet themed background or maybe something like a mountain stream/cabin in the woods theme because I'm also a country girl with a full-on rocker heart with auburn/red hair down to my backside and emerald/mossy green eyes...So--cutoff jean shorts, floral or plaid (I'm Scottish by heritage) for clothing --OOOOOOOOH!!! Maybe a CASTLE AND A SCOTTISH FLAG in the background - ala "Outlander" style - I'll find the dress picture and similar pose... Yes - I think I want a touch of the 'homeland' as my backdrop!".

I fell in love with her when she abruptly interrupted one great idea with a better one with an all-caps "OOOOOOOOOH!!!". Rose is clearly a woman who is operating with the same type of fiery synapses as I am. If her and I brainstormed in the same space we'd probably set the furniture ablaze.

Rose, thanks for the fantastic concept and thanks even more for sharing your smile-inducing talents with me. I wub your wubbies and demand pics of each new yarn baby you give birth to.

                                                            Date of Entry: 11/19


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