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When Hot Topic clothing stores launched their line of full-figure fashions and store outlets called Torrid back in 2000, they publicized the happening with a nationwide contest offering a Toil Girl portrait to the grand prize winner. When the winner's portrait was completed, I approached Hot Topic with the idea to develop a team of ample-sized super heroines for an exclusive line of Torrid merchandising. They initially showed interest but ultimately passed. 

Needless to say I didn't want that to be the end of my seven deadly sirens.

I marched forth and created full-scale portraits of each of the seven Curve and make them available for your optic consumption.

Limited edition print run of 300 sets. Seven prints in each set.

Signed 11" x 8.5" offset custom prints on high-quality glossy photo paper.

I really can't praise the quality of these prints strong enough.

Paypal payment can be sent to

The Seven Deadly Curves

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