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Panama Girl 7


This fresh, juicy, succulent burst of sunshine goes by the name of Michelle, but she's more commonly known in cyberspace as Panamagirl7. As much as you'd probably like to squeeze her, you'll just have to take my word she's extremely sweet.

The best way to acquaint yourself with this scrumptious citris queen would probably be to allow Pamama Girl herself to "drop some science". Here's a little something I found on her "About Me" page courtesy of her website.

Welcome to my website! I'm Michelle and also known as Panamagirl7. The internet name is a little misleading. I don't live in Panama or Panama City. The name was actually short for PanamaCherokeeIndianIrishDutchgirl7 (the unique blend of nationalities running through my veins LOL). It just so happens that half of it is Panamanian. I'm actually a single mother of three who lives in California. I grew up in the city of San Jose but now I live just south of there. I love it here! "

Even more refreshing to the mental tastebuds is this eloquent statement on size acceptance through spirituality which I also found on Panama Girl's website.

I'm proud to say that I'm a BBW. If you're unaware of what that's Big Beautiful Woman. So if you are offended by that, then now is the time to leave. I find it amazing of how much growth I've experienced in the past years. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. Self acceptance is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it wasn't something I've always known. I spent a lot of years literally disgusted by who I was. Society had influenced me that way. Skinny was beautiful/Fat was not. Thank God I know better now. In His eyes I'm a light of beauty worthy of His love. Aside from that, does it matter what anyone else thinks? In the knowledge of that, I accept who He has made me to be and the life He has blessed me with.

As Michelle said, self-acceptance is a wonderful thing, especially when you find a means of overcoming the tremendous odds and road blocks our society lays down for those of us who may not be able to squeeze into that small, restrictive and absurd mold. I may not be a religious person, but it kind of makes sense that if you're going to answer to anyone and follow their directions, it should be the person you put all of your love and trust into. So yes, to say our latest Toil Girl is an attractive and articulate woman of all seasons would be a terrific understatement. May the sun kiss every curve Mother Nature gave you, Michelle.

God, I'm so envious of that damn sun!

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