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Every household should have one. Every mind and soul needs one. If anything is going to invigorate, stimulate and inspire those creative and intellectual nuerons between our ears, it's a nice, well-stocked, well-nurtured library. It has certainly done the mind and body of tonight's beautiful Toil Girl Pam some good. Feel free to welcome her into the gallery, but do so with a whisper. You're not the only one here trying to study.


Pam's portrait was yet another fine exercise in texture and touch. Get your mind back in the books, boys. The type of touch I'm referring to involves the shag of the rug, the finesse of the wood grain, and the coarseness of the stuccoed wall. OK, so I'll admit I wanted her skin tone to look so velvety vivid that you could actually feel it's warmth and smoothness. But the concept, colors, attire and "sultitude" all came from Miss Pam. I was the lucky one chosen to put it to art.

I've always felt to truly appreciate a portrait is to know as much as you can about the person in the portrait. Pam's art should be no exception.


I am married to the love of my life and we recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  Between us we have three wonderful children.  


I am not completely sure why I choose my theme except that when I envisioned it I knew instantly that my husband would love it.  This was a Valentine's Day/Anniversary gift so I wanted to make sure that he would like it.  For weeks I had tried to come up with an idea for a great gift for the man that has everything.  One day while playing on Yahoo 360, I came across a beautiful picture, which turned out to be the latest Toil Girl.  I started to read about Toil Girls and found the site, in fact I contacted Les that very day.  


From the time I was about fifteen I have always been a large woman, but it wasn't until my art was done that I actually felt like a Big Beautiful Woman.  My husband has always loved me for me and tells me on a daily basis that I am sexy, but not until I saw the final art work did I truly feel beautiful and sexy.  The day that I opened the email marked 'Final art' I actually had tears in my eyes and knew that I had found the perfect gift for my husband.  


Les is an amazing artist and I am truly honored to be a Toil Girl.


Trust me when I say the feeling is 100% mutual, Pam. It's an honor to have been responsible for a gift that commemorates such a very important and personal event in the lives of you and your husband. May I also say I'm thankful for such kind words. These are the type of words that give an artist his/her driving dedication to do their very best. Again, thanks Pam.

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