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It's my utmost pleasure to introduce to you the lovely Miss Pam. Not only is she our latest inductee into Toildom but she also happens to be my dear and deadly friend. I affectionately say "deadly" because she is a true fanatic on fright. Specifically fright movies. That is what initially grabbed my attention in her direction. When so many of the girls cower and gasp in their theater seats by just the sound of a creaking door--our blonde bombshell is front and center cheering on the axe-weilding protagonist--and ocassionally showing up at the theater in his same blood-soaked outfit as a show of support! To fellows like me she is known as a keeper.First and foremost Pam is an armful of femininty. A femme Fatale perhaps, but a sweet, kind, generous representation of womanhood nonetheless. And she may be bursting at the seams with high-voltage energy all year 'round, but this crypt-kicking cutie reeeeeally comes to life during the Halloween season! She pulls all the stops and pushes in all the daggers when it comes to celebrating the dead and the deadly.Pam dear, thanks very much for having enough confidence in my skills to call upon me to immortalize you in lace, blood and your favorite type of rose.  I think we did good.



Inducted 6/16

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