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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This cute cosmic-naut is Nicky and she made a lovely soft landing right here on Planet Toil and plans on making this her home for as long as the oxygen and the free ale hold out.

Who is Nicky? Well, for starters she hails from Glasgow, Scotland but was born and raised in Germany. She also happens to adore K-9s and even went as far as marrying one name Glenn.  ;-)  Glenn and I had become Facebook buds even before he contacted me about immorTOILizing Nicky as a work of art. Of course our bond is even closer now that he did me a solid by helping to get such a fetching frauline into my humble art gallery of goddesses.

Wait, I was initially talking about Nicky, wasn't I? Well, she has over a dozen pets, she loves WWE wrestling, and she's very goth/victorian/steampunky in her all-around style and demeanor.

Nicky's traveling partner in the portrait is her's and Glenn's beloved Guinness. Months back when I was creating this piece, Glenn mentioned that Guinness was a "short-timer". If he's no longer with us in this existence, he certainly will be within the parameters of Nicky's portrait--forever.

Thanks and hugs to you both for bringing such a boss concept and a darling model into the Toil fold. Much love and cu


Inducted 6/16

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