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This be the golden sands of Grand Cayman where the fetching Martha decided to take inventory of her inticing pirate's booty. And what an impressive haul it is; enough flavored rum and Vanilla Island cigars from Key West to keep the ghost of Long John Silver well tarnished forever. Her constant companion Corona keeps a watchful eye.


What should you know about our seafaring swashbuckler? Well, most importantly Martha loves--er, let me rephrase that--she lives to travel. The travel bug took a bite out of her at the early age of thirteen when her trip to the Carribean Islands left her with a burning sense of global adventure. Since then she's dropped anchor in Mexico, India, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, the Phillippines and Japan. *Whew!* That's a lot of complimentary airline peanuts I tell ya!


Together with her beloved boyfriend Tony, Martha vacations twice--sometimes three times a year--to her heavenly sanctuary the Carribean Islands. This is where the warm tropical air is filtered through verdant valleys of sugar cane and wild plant life and it's where Martha and Tony toast the beauty of nature with rum and other assorted nectors of the gods.


It's important that I credit our world-savvy globehopper Martha for inspiring your's truly to shove the paint brushes and ink bottles aside long enough to do a little exploring of my own. My travel experiences are nominal. As a matter of fact they are darn-near nonexistant. After having expressed an urge to wiggle my toes through some of the foreign soils Martha had visited, she immediately blessed my email box with many helpful links to travel and cruise sites. I soon found myself celebrating April 18th (the Toil Man's birthday) on a pleasure cruise to Mexico, and even though it was my sweety-pie Ava who found this particular journey for us, it was imparative she and I toast Martha for motivating me away from the drawing desk.


Oh! And how could I even consider not sharing a little background on the other star of tonight's Toil portrait, the one and only Corona? Martha became a big supporter of her local Humane Society because that's where she came upon this dashing Saint Bernard. She even brings this Kujo lookalike to Key West where he serves as both guard dog and bar-hopping drinking buddy (water's his poison).



So to Martha, Tony and Corona, I want to wish you all endless exotic adventures all over this wondrous world of ours and if this place is really as small as they say it is, we may find ourselves vying for the same last deck chair on a cruise ship to some amazing and magical land.

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