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My husband and I met in an online dating site for BBWs. When he "winked" at me I thought "What can come of this? He lives in England!" Well, a lot came of it. We finally met and have now been married for four and a half years. I stumbled upon the Toil Girl site and showed him the beautiful artwork. He said that he would love a picture of me like that, so I started to think. It took me about two years to come up with an idea, but what I came up with was more than he could have asked for. One night he was watching a 007 movie and it dawned on me, a James Bond theme for my Toil Girl portrait! I got in touch with Les, an amazing artist, who sketched out a few ideas with that concept in mind. I didn't want to be the damsel in distress, I wanted to be a female 007! The pic had to have the Aston Martin as well, (my husband's second love) so, Les and I worked for about 3 weeks on the concept and finally came up with the perfect design. We also had to add the Union Jack license plate to the front of the car as my husband's car has one. And as for the name, since James Bond's boss is called "M", he refers to me, especially when talking to his friends back in England, as "M" as well--so it was perfect! I was so excited to get the artwork that I shared it with everyone before giving it to him for Christmas last year. When he opened it up on Christmas morning he was speechless! (A feat in and of itself!) It now hangs prominently in our bedroom. I can't thank Les enough for the collaboration and for his wonderful artistic eye. Thanks again Les!!!!!!"



Well, here's a piece of art that's close to the hearts of the client, the gift receiver, AND the artist. Some of my fondest memories of my youth stem from those classic Sean Connery James Bond movies. I never get tired of watching "Dr. No" and especially "Goldfinger" with Oddjob and his steel-brimmed derby hat that could decapitate a concrete statue. But chalk me up as one of those stubborn old school curmudgeons that refuse to accept 007 as anyone but Sean. Him and his heavy rugged eyebrows and deep resonant voice were branded in my soul at a very young age and all other actors after him did a wimpy job of trying to fit into the driver's seat of his Aston Martin. But I have to confess there's no way I can complain about this month's Toil Girl Marisa stepping in to thwart a few international evildoers. I don't know how good she is at mixing a Martini, but when it comes to dangerous curves, a gorgeous globe-hopping spy-smasher like Marisa is infinitely easier on the eyes than a brooding blood and guts daredevil like you Sean (though the ladies out there may not share that opinion, understandably so).


And by the way Marisa, how very cool is it to read it was a year ago to this month of December that you gifted your husband with your portrait on Christmas. Pretty cool I'd say. But I heard something even cooler from one of Santa's elves--that it's your birthday this month as well!! Boy! We certainly picked a heck of a month for you, Marisa!


Thanks much for the absolutely killer concept and for the kind words Marisa. And thanks to you and your husband for enjoying my work for so long.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays--to everyone.

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