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A gentleman from Germany approached me via email about doing a portrait of his wife  Manu. She is a woman full of life and interests husband Holger told me. He said she's a fan of rockabilly fashion of the 1950s who loves over-the-top footwear as well as any fetishtic leather, lace and vinyl clothing that can be worn with such shoes. Holger also said her favorite fictitious character is Disney's The Little Mermaid and he convinced me I'd be forever in her favor if I reproduced her leather jacket that sported Ariel's image on the back.

As is the nature of Germans, Holger was very insistent about what he wanted and HOW he wanted it. He was very emphatic that the art should represent Manu and her favorite interests. In my opinion the extra effort he put into perfecting the portrait as well as the extra money he paid me to appease his needs brought to birth an exceptionally vibrant Toil Girl portrait. I'm proud of the results and even happier to know Manu loved the outcome.

Holger, how cool is it that my humble art skills and your deep love for your wife came together across the Atlantic Ocean and created something of beauty and personal meaning that will, hopefully, last for many lifetimes to come? Cheers my friend.

Inducted 9/21

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