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Tonight's lovely pin-up queen Lilly is engaged in one of her favorite passtimes, so you may have to consult the British yellow pages (or whatever color they are in the UK) to get her phone number to call and welcome her into the gallery.


Lilly's portrait has the making of a classic old magazine advertisement. It has the product (the ciggy). It has an activity most of us can relate to (chatting on the telephone). And it has the initial visual stimulus (those legs and that darling smile). And look! There's even an old pink dial phone! But in actuality, Lilly is 100% modern woman. Give a listen.


I live in a town called Grays in the county of Essex which is just outside of London. My interests are mainly based around socialising, lunching, visiting friends and of course the Uk BBW scene. I'm a regular at Biggies' nightclub which holds club evenings for us big girls, big handsome men and all those who appreciate us. It's absolutely fantastic fun and has helped me to build huge confidence in myself; the way I look and the way that others perceive me as a person. I have recently been signed by an agent and am now modelling and doing some TV extra work, all of which I would never have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago. I used to hide when the camera came out!


My other hobbies include piano playing, mural painting, and I also have a few children's books in progress which I've written and illustrated and am hoping to get published next year. All of this coupled with my full time job as a foster parent for an autistic 10-year-old boy named Johnny keeps me very busy.


How did this portrait come to be? I had been looking for a tattoo to add to my collection and was searching the net for bbw art. I really wanted my tattoo to be a symbol of my new acceptance towards my body and the confidence that has developed since. This was when I stumbled across Les's beautiful drawings. They completely took my breath away and I knew straight away that I just had to have myself as a Toil Girl and as my own tattoo! The more I looked at his work, the more I wanted my own drawing done. And, hey! Presto! Here we are!


I can't quite remember how we came up with the theme for the picture but I feel that it really does display the true me. Pink is my favourite colour, and laughing, having fun and being silly with friends over the phone (which I do for a hideous amount of time) while smoking a fag is nothing less than a good time. LOL!


Thanks for the inside scoop on who the lovely lass within the pink frame is, Lilly. And let me take this time to say my heart is very much invested in this particular theme because it truly does represent classic cheesecake art. A simple background and an attractive woman on the phone. My idol, pin-up artist George Petty, deservedly gained legend status for following this fundamental recipe. So another nod of gratitude goes to Lilly for being responsible for this tried, tested and true theme.


Holiday hugs to you from California to the UK, Lilly!

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