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Who better to give a full spectrum of the importance of this portrait than the the lovely Irish rose herself (well, half Irish half Scottish rose)--miss LeAnne!


"Dear Les,

       All my life, I have been heavy. The girl that people made fun of, laughed at and ridiculed. Needless to say, this has done a number on my self-image and my overall self-esteem.

       When my husband came to me with the idea of my becoming a Toil Girl, I was a little apprehensive. I looked in the mirror and my thoughts were, ‘Who would want to see THIS?’  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could make me look like something or someone desirable.

       I agreed to the project, if only to make my husband happy at first. We sent in several pictures, determined a theme and my husband gave Les the details of what we would like to have incorporated into the portrait. Still, in the back of my mind I’m thinking this is going to be embarrassing and something I’ll be ashamed of anyone seeing.

       A few days later, we got the first sketches from Les. I was amazed. I could see myself, but I looked BEAUTIFUL!!!  How did that happen? I look sexy and desirable! There was no denying. It was me in the picture. AMAZING!!!!

       I now have a boost of confidence since having my portrait done by Les Toil. I can see myself through different eyes now and have an entirely different image of myself. I don’t feel like the person that has always been put down, I feel EMPOWERED!

       My husband had my portrait done as my Christmas gift. I can’t think of a better gift for anyone than to give them self-esteem!!  Thanks to Les and most importantly my husband for this wonderful gift!  I LOVE IT!!!!

Just a quick overview of the details in my portrait that have a lot of meaning to both my husband and myself:


·      The setting is a true castle in Scotland, Eilene Donan.  This is embracing my heritage, which is varied but includes mostly Irish and Scottish bloodlines.
·      The plaid on the corset and boots are the Smith Clan tartan, which is my husband’s ancestry.
·      The celtic band on the stocking matches my husband’s wedding band.
·      The dog is my own precious furbaby Murphy Jax.
·      The flowers, a mixture of thistle, heather and Irish roses are all found in Ireland and Scotland.
·      The tattoo, my very own and detail is perfect!


Thank you so much.

LeAnne Smith"

LeAnne, that was one of the most gracious and touching write-up my portrait gallery has ever been blessed with. And how many equally beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and colors can relate to your testimonial? Many I'd say.  Never let the opinions of strangers dictate your self-worth. 

And a special tip o' the Toil hat goes out to hubby Jeremy. A real class act this southern gentleman is. I had the pleasure of working out the details and art direction for this masterpiece with Jeremy over the phone. He ran me over the coals with all those specific bells and whistles he insisted on--but he did it with with the sincerest respect for my skills--but, mainly, he did it with monumental love for his Celtic queen LeAnne. And just look at the results!  Thrilled and honored to have you included on these hallowed walls of wonderful women.


Inducted 3/17

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