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Engines all over the planet will have no problem revving themselves up when they lay their eyes upon this month's fetching Toil Girl Kristen. Talk about your fancy hood ornaments!


Handsome automobiles and gorgeous women have been adorning each other in calendars, magazine and book covers, posters, record albums, billboard and amazing works of art since the car itself was invented. It's to my strong belief that Henry Ford wouldn't be disappointed that things turned out that way, and I'd like to think he'd give a smirk of approval at Kristen's elegant legs draped over his creation.


Speaking of Kristen's limbs, it seems she's experienced an anatomical metamorphosis of sorts. Those lovely abundant curves are still very much present, it's just that they're now in a smaller package. Here's the story--all of the story.


Someone mentioned to me the other day that I was no longer a BBW, and asked if my portrait was 'worth it'. My reply...'OF COURSE!'.


I discovered Toil Girls years ago, and have longed to be the subject of such wonderful art and forever part of the gallery of the Les Toil magnificent touch . The opportunity came last year, as my husband deployed to Iraq for his 2nd tour, and we had a little extra money. I'd lost a little bit of weight, but even though I was (and continue to be) on a journey to be healthier, I wanted to be a Toil Girl regardless. I wanted to continually be reminded that whether I'm a size 4 or a size 24, that I'm *beautiful!* no matter what! The portrait (and the artist!!! ) makes me feel beautiful from the inside out, and reinvigorates the confidence that I can carry myself as attractive and worthy.


I chose the outfit, because I wanted to be sexy and classy at the same time. I wanted an outfit that portrayed that, and Les ran with it, and made it even better than I could imagine! Corvettes are my husband's favorite car, and I fell in love with them a few years back at the Corvette museum. The car was the first part that I knew I wanted, as a dedication to my hero. I've always found the make and model of this one the sleekest and sexiest...the portrait just seems to flow...:)


I never imagined that I'd look at myself and go 'WOW!'. Yet, I do, and that process started with the portrait and with my little boys pointing to it when I was using it for a tag, going 'Wow Mama...that's you, and you're so pretty!'.

Thank you Les, for making me not just beautiful on paper, but convincing my spirit that, indeed, I can be beautiful. You are a wonderful artist, and what you do is so much more special than just sketches, designs, color, and texture. You cause us curvy women to be and feel beautiful, inside and out. And because of you, there are women (including myself!) walking around with our heads held higher, our smiles and eyes a little brighter, with a little more pep in our footsteps ready to take on the world! Thank you Les.

I almost feel embarrassed about publishing such incredibly flattering words about myself on my website. Wow. How amazing that my love for art and my love to create art could manifest more to someone than just a pretty picture on paper. Kristen, your words of exuberant spirit have juiced me up more than a full tank of unleaded supreme. They've inspired me to continue on down that artistic highway with even more ambition than before.


And may I tip my hat to the brave and honorable man that this work of art was created for. Your husband. I hope the portrait continues to bring both of you joy and inspiration--as your words have done for me, Kristen. :-)

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