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Norm and Kimberly had a farm, ee-yi-ee-yi-ooo. And on that farm they had some chickens, ee-yi-ee-yi-ooo. Rhode Island Reds to be exact!

But tonight let's concentrate on the lovely farm girl who tends to this precarious pecking order--miss Kim, because, yes, she's our brand new Toil Girl in the spotlight!


Hubby Norm was the one who commissioned me to immortoilize his cornfed cutie of a wife, and he had very specific specifications--which is ALWAYS a good thing for me because there won't be any clash of assumptions once the final art is presented to the client. Plus I want nothing more than to have each portrait represent its subject matter completely.

Anywho--Norm gave me ample images of his and Kim's actual farming area including photos of their freshly painted red barn--flag and all. For Kim's attire he wanted a cross between your classic old-school milk maid and the iconic Saint Pauli Girl. Easy enough. And to keep it a close representation of Kim he even had me include the freckles on her shoulders! Love it!

With all that said, have a St. Pauli's beer and an omelette on me Kim and Norm, and thanks enormously for the great concept. The more diversity adorning these gallery walls the better!






Inducted 12/21

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