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Kelly Lynn

This portrait was gifted to the beautiful Miss Kelly Lynn. She received a decent amount of notoriety when she braved a couple of bullying trolls in a shopping center attempting to make her feel miserable about herself for her size. The big-hearted anonymous person who commissioned this piece for Kelly Lynn wanted to confirm the obviousness of her beauty by requesting my interpretation of her.


Fat-phobic bullies get a temporary reprieve from the miserableness in their own lives by that quick and false rush of superiority and value over other human beings--especially those other human beings that appear to be living life to the fullest. But if they had the brains of a duck they would know they're simply adding more crap to the cesspool of the world--a world that could conceivably be a Utopia of greatness if we stopped allowing the abuse we received in our past to dictate how we treat others. Inflicting pain on others may feel good and therapeutic for that brief moment to some--but it's a soul-rotting Cancer that promises a miserable and lonely existence. It’s an extremely weak individual who takes out his or her hatred and disappointment for life on their fellow beings, but it’s a truly strong person that fights to not allow that to control how they interact with strangers and loved ones.


Choose not to be weak.


To the gorgeous and brave Kelly Lynn, never allow ANYone to dim your beaming smile and your sparkling blue eyes. You inspire love and joy, therefore you bring my portrait gallery and I a tremendous amount of pride and purpose.



Inducted 5/17

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