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Tonight's Toil Girl in the Spotlight is the vivacious and irrepressible Miss Keely. At her feet is her faithful friend Miss Trixie. Let's give them both a round of applause and welcome them into the Toil Girl Gallery.

Keely's portrait is one of my very top favorite styles to execute--the tattoo design. Since I started this gallery many years ago as my own tribute to the classic pin-up art, obviously I'd also have a warm place in my heart for vintage classic tattoo designs--especially designs featuring those of the female persuasion. 


Her friend Luther, who commissioned the portrait, wanted a piece of work that somehow represented most of Keely's favorite things. In my opinion the classic tattoo design has always been the perfect way to convey a client's numerous interests. In Keely's art we have her Irish heritage represented with the background graphic. We have her great fondness for beer and ganja represented here. We have her affection for sex toys represented here. We certainly have her love for Trixie represented here. And we even have her attraction to men of color represented here.

How did Keely like the portrait when Luther sprung it on her?



"Hi Les,

I wanted to say THANK YOU for my amazing picture! I had no idea my friend Luther had done that for me and I freaking LOVE IT!! Then, after browsing your gallery, I felt like I could ask for another half dozen themes! It’s gorgeous and I also love the fact that my girl Trixie is laying down at my feet and you captured her beautifully! Again, thank you! I love it and it’s simply gorgeous!

Keely Ireland"

A million thanks back to you AND Luther for presenting me with such a fun project. There is no better satisfaction than creating a piece of art that comes close to personifying the client through-and-through.



Inducted 3/19

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