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Some nice guy I am. We're in the middle of Winter and here I am waving a beautiful sunny scenario in your face. Well look at it this way, tonight's lovely Toil Girl of The Month--Karen--will give you something to look forward to.


Karen's portrait is the perfect outlet for my love of botany. Nature and all of its sensational multi-colored creations make for the perfect surroundings when it comes to exhibiting womankind's own natural beauty. And thanks to a few years of trial and error, I no longer have to spend so much time mulling through web pages of google images for art reference, I can just saunter out to my own back yard and pluck a specimen or two when decorating the trappings of a Toil Girl. I still desperately need to know why all twelve of the Dahlias I've planted over the last four years never lived beyond three months. OK, so my green thumb has a small hang nail.


Back to our voluptuous red-headed siren Karen.


For many years I have adored Les's work and always dreamed of the day I could be a Toil girl.  Les, you have truly made my dream a reality.  I had no idea what an impact the final art would have. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it all.  I had no clue how to deal with my extra baggage til you showed me through your artwork that big is beautiful. I am sure you have been told before, but I will tell you again, you are the best self-esteem builder with your art!

"Extra baggage"? You're about the most attractive luggage a traveler could ever want to be seen holding. Anyway, thank you for the kindly, kindly compliments Karen. With your fashion sense and art direction, you've inspired a lovely portrait out of me. Just like life itself, we should never take for granted the beautiful gifts that surround us. Hopefully this portrait will help many of us to remember that.


Happy New Year, Kar'! Thanks for ringing it in so perfectly.

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