Photograph by Miss Missy Photography


Meet Kali. What could I possibly contribute to the portfolio of a woman who is already a pin-up goddess?? That delicious kisser and equally sumptuous vintage wardrobe of hers has launched an impressive number of amazing glamour photographs that have inspired just as many smiles on my own mug. Obviously I couldn't "half-step" on Kali's official Toil Girl portrait. I brought my A game for an A babe.

Incidentally, the absolute, absolute love of Kali's life is the other darling kitten featured in this piece of art--her precious Francine. Kali told me she just HAD to be in the portrait with her. And, as a cat man myself, I couldn't have been happier to oblige.

Kali's beloved Francine passed away just a few weeks after the portrait was completed. I'm glad and honored I had to opportunity to immortalize Francine with my humble skills. Thank you for this special assignment Kali. <3

Inducted 1/16

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