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Hmm, what to say about me. I'm the girl you may have noticed quietly going about her work day in the bun, glasses, and conservative outfit. We may even have exchanged a vague nod and smile or the odd word. What you may never have considered is the garter belt and thigh-highs, wicked sense of humor, and foul mouth hidden behind the easy camouflage. When my friends say "You have to watch the quiet ones" they definitely mean it.


The first time I saw a Toil Girl portrait I was absolutely blown away and years of exposure hasn't lessened my love and respect a bit. My own portrait combines so many things I love with Mr. Toil's talent and humor. There simply aren't many people who can turn a demand for classic pin-up style, old books, research, trashy romance novels, skulls, thigh-highs, vintage accessories and adorable rescue rabbits into a work of art. All that while putting up with my sass, bad sketching, and bunny photos.

My thanks always Les. I'm still amazed by my art!





Fantastic piece of eye candy Kai and I put together here. From the vintage cash register down to the quirky romance book titles, Kai provided me with enough visual and editorial reference material to make my job as the artist seem like an effortless vacation. As Kai mentioned, she emailed a thorough sketch of the entire portrait and all of its faucets. If I'm not mistaken, the only part I ad-libbed was the bifocals on the bookshelf skull. And the poster featuring Kai's two lovable fur babies Dulcita and Newby gave it even more of a personal touch.

Fun was definitely had by all and I hope this portrait continues to provide mirth to Miss Kai for a very long time. May she forever represent seductive bookworms in hair buns and concealed garters everywhere!!

Hugs and thanks for the fun job Kai.

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