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Les, as my weekend of wedding bliss winds down to an end, I wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for the amazing piece of art you have created for my husband and I.


I had a few moments of doubt as I wrapped the print for him last weekend, wondering if the present was selfish and really more for me than it was for him. As he opened the gift all my doubts flew out the window.


Tim and I exchanged gifts on Friday, the day before the wedding, and as he opened the gift, his facial expression went from blank as he figured the gift was in a photo frame, to amused as he first glanced at the print, and then to down-right amazed as he exclaimed "Les Toil! How do YOU know about Les Toil?"


Needless to say he was very surprised and extremely pleased with my present to him. Later that night he said "I had always wanted to marry the likes of a Toil Girl--and now I am."

Thank you so much for the art, Les. The way your creation brought joy and excitement into my husband's eyes was more than I could have ever asked for! Once our honeymoon in Vegas is over and we move on to our new house, I will make sure to get us a larger custom print.


When I went to art school, I never dreamed I'd be responsible for creating anything that would warrant such a reaction as the one given above. Take my gratitude and clone it a thousand times. That's how I feel about your sharing that experience with me, Jessica, and for allowing me to share it with all of the art patrons that come here to gaze upon my humble attempt to capture the hearts, souls and beauty of you and the other ladies of this gallery.


Not only did you slay the dragon and claim the hidden treasure, but you also made off with your husband's heart. Pretty good spoils I'd say. And not bad for Tim, either.


And by the way Jessica, pretty epic portrait concept you brought to me and the gallery.


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