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Tonight's Toil Girl in the spotlight Jeanette has always had a warm place in her heart for the saga of Catherine and Vincent--aka Belle and The Beast--aka Beauty and The Beast. How thrilled I was when Jeanette approached me about incorporating herself (and her kitty) in one of history's most romantic and timeless tales. Our real-life beauty Jeanette had a very clear image in her mind how she wanted her fur-bearing fanged suitor to look and I can't expressed how happy I am she didn't settle for the more generic man-creature I initially conjured up. She also reminded me to dust up his attire since The Beast was a street dweller that had no choice but to move in the most discreet corners and shadows of the nocturnal city to avoid being seen.

"Les, if
I am ever lucky enough to meet you in person I want to give you a giant hug.  Your artwork has brought my friend and I so much joy it's unbelievable.  The beauty you drew inspired me to find that beauty within myself."

My absolute pleasure and honor Jeanette. A second hug will be necessary as a thank-you for bringing such a classy, evocative and beautiful theme to my gallery.


Inducted 9/18

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