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Bearing hot dogs and Corgi dogs tonight's Toil Girl in the spotlight is Janet. If you're still conscious after viewing these intoxicatingly cute photos of her puppies please read Janet explain what she wanted to see in her portrait:


"My husband has always said that I am “Hilda at heart. Naked, free and fun” so I’d love something In that style.

A little about me--I was a chef, I got Cancer, now a stay-at-home mom to my two adopted kids. We love to travel and plan to do lots more. I have two Corgis and love camping and the outdoors. I’ve wanted to be a Toil Girl for so long! I don’t know why it took all this time to take the leap.".

But you did take that leap, sweetheart, and I couldn't be happier. And, yeah, you had me when you quoted your husband with the Hilda reference. What a great compliment that you employed my skills to give a nod to artist Duane Bryers and his magnificent creation. But my main goal was capturing your likeness, your personality and your loves/interests in this one piece of art--and I hope I have.

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Inducted 9/22

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