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Tonight's Toil Girl Janet is guilty of piracy of the heart and the eye. A redhead can steal my heart at the wink of an eye. She can steal my eye by simply being a redhead. I'll stand and deliver whatever this voluptuous vagabond wants me to as long as she leaves me a doubloon or two for bus fare back home.


Janet has been fascinated with all things pirate since the age of twelve. That fascination comes less from thieving and pillaging and more with a love for life upon the ocean.  "I've always loved the ocean", speaketh our sea bearing siren Janet. "I was going to the beach before I could even walk".


Based upon her present interests, it sounds as if she would make for a fine swashbuckler.


I dream of going to Ireland...and I often think of moving to England. As I said, I love to go to the beach, listening to the waves, watching the ocean...the sunset...sometimes the people. I love tattoos--on others and on myself. I have six (or seven depending on how you count) with plans of expansion.  Following in the nautical/pirate theme my next one will be a treasure map across my back.


I personally can't think of a more adventurous and daring way of living than that of the pirate. The robbing and killing part I can do without as Janet stated, but you can't deny the adrenaline thrill of risking life and limb to carry on more felonious acts in new charted and uncharted exotic lands. Authors and movie directors have done a great job of painting a bold, exciting and often romantic picture of life amongst the cut-throats and it was a joy for me to explore that beloved territory with pen and paper.


Here's more about tonight's sword-waving waif. Janet is shy and nervous when meeting new people, although she covers that up by being a ham (which doesn't surprise me. Some of the most personable and out-going people I know say they're painfully shy!). She has a degree in Liberal Studies, "which means I know a little about a lot I suppose",. She drinks milk out of the carton (that is so pirate!), and she prefers holes in her socks so she can freely wiggle those cute pirate toesies!


In closing may I say thanks, Janet, for providing such a fun, daring and sexy theme. If the days of sea bandits were to return, I'm sure we'd see your pin-up hanging in the cabins of many a pirate ship.

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