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With sand between her toes, a warm breeze caressing her hair and her sweetheart Baloo at her side, this month's Toil Girl in the spotlight Janene enhances the beauty of Florida's Saint Petersburg skyline.

Janene's husband is the one who arranged for this work of art to be produced and he did so in a concise, eloquent and extremely endearing introductory email:

"I think Janene is amazing and while I tell his this every chance I get, I think having an artist put pencil to paper and show how beautiful she is would be great as well.  

I’m a ship captain and away from Janene quite a bit, so this is something I will also enjoy and appreciate during the approximately six months out of the year I am away from her. Based on your portfolio and your portrait descriptions you know how it is to worship a curvy woman in your life--one who is beautiful and sexy, but doesn’t necessarily feel it the same way you do.  I’m crazy for her and she knows that.


I've known my wife Janene since high-school and she's always been smart, strong and very outgoing. She runs the house and is a great mother.  She’s a true Florida beach girl and loves our two dogs and our daughter immensely. And may I also say she rocks the hell out a bikini.

I think it would be great to associate her with the beach at Fort De Soto in Saint Petersburg, FL where we live.  That beach has views of the Sunshine Skyway bridge and is the perfect association of where we live and grew up and started our family."

As I said, a great introductory email to me. Edward's loving sentiments inspired me to flavor as much warmth as possible into Janene's portrait. A portrait that exemplifies her beauty as well as the beauty of the landscape that has been such an integral part of their lives.



Inducted 8/19

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