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After you've surrendered your inhibitions at the door, step up to the stage and marvel as the sultry senorita known far and wide as Janelle turns your brain into sour cream with just the simplest stir of her hips.


What can I say? I loves me some Janelle. She was loads of joy to work with and swap emails with. Her only real requisites for the portrait were that I don't under-emphasize her ample figure and dangerous curves, and that I make sure her proud Hispanic heritage be unquestionably evident in that drop-dead gorgeous face of hers. Her eyes are dark and piercing, and her lips are full and lush. Capturing those attributes was not only easy but fun, too.


Anybody out there recognize that stage in Janelle's portrait? Does it look familiar? Her portrait is an homage to what I consider THEE hottest scene committed to film. I'm of course referring to Salma Hayek's mesmerizing torch dance in the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn". Even after Salma starts to turn her entire audience into one big midnight snack buffet, I could only fantasize about grappling on the floor with the sizzling, steamy Salma before she does me in. So imagine my glee when Janelle allowed me to fullfill my dream of immortoilizing a more voluptuous version of my vampiress Salma.


Janelle describes herself as a happily married fiery latina that has no problem of speaking her mind, but one who also tries to see the humor in things. She's a professional hairdresser who loves being creative regardless of if there's a head of hair around or not. She enjoys going to see bands and hanging with friends and siblings.
She says she's a bad girl gone good and is much happier, healthier and successful for the transition. One thing that hasn't changed over time is her motto, which is: I'll try anything twice. If it's fun or gratifying or even something I may get in trouble for, I'm in.


Wow, I think I really did capture the girl's spirit in this portrait!

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