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Rev up your motors and come take a look at this classy chassis. Her name is Ilyssa and she's parked herself in this art gallery for the long haul.


With this particular piece I wanted to mimic the last leg of the pin-up art era. I'm referring to the 1960s when a babe and a sexy car went together like Oscar-Meyer and mustard. Sex was still helping to move products but a socially-conscious America wasn't as enthusiastic about using the female form so blatantly to do so and that's when the country had to wave bye-bye to calendars filled with honeys caressing spark plugs and motor blocks. So to help drive that style and time period home, I decided to groove up the background of Ilyssa's portrait with a bit of psyche-out swirls and colors.


Ilyssa was very instrumental in the development of her portrait and sent lovely examples of the type of adornment she wanted to be adorned in. But her biggest contribution came in the imposing form of a stunning pearl white 1971 Dodge Charger which she proudly owns and which I am bitterly envious of. There's not much the Les Man wouldn't do to own a piece of machinery as mean and as optically-awesome as this set of wheels. As a fan of both muscle cars and gorgeous big girls, you can imagine this was a labor of sheer love.


By the way, if anyone knows where to go or what it takes to convert a work of art into a black light poster, please drop me a line. Don't you think Ilyssa would look groovalistic displayed over someone's water bed illuminated by two lava lamps on each side? I do.


Ilyssa, thanks eternally for providing two extremely awe-inspiring bodies. You be the driver, I'll be the hitcher and I'll be catching a ride in my dreams tonight.

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