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Many beautiful things grow and thrive in the forest, not the least of which is tonight's Toil Girl Honeypot. The breeze of a blustery day may have brought this enticing enchantress to us, but with the help of the sweet stickiness of that honey, she'll be stuck to this portrait gallery for a very long time.


Walt Disney was my very first artistic influence. Of course as a toddler I assumed Walt Disney drew everything--every comic book, cartoon strip, advertisement and pair of socks that featured Mickey Mouse, and well as every frame in every Walt Disney animated movie. I mean, many of those illustrated images had his famous signature emblazoned next to them! What's a four-year-old to think? But I soon realized that that was far from the truth and I just as quickly learned to appreciate and differentiate from the many styles of art attached to a Walt Disney product. Although Winnie The Pooh was NOT created by Walt Disney, the art of A.A. Milne's popular children's book was very influential on my creative growth. The artist was E.H. Shepard and, even to this day, I don't know much about him or his career. I do have vivid memories of the natural and sketchy style of his pen & ink work which was a strong contrast from the style of all other Disney creations. So when Disney brought our favorite golden bear to the big screen, he apparently wanted to reproduce that organic style of Shepard's work, which, to a large extent, may have been a commercial gamble considering the popularity of the clean and cartoony style of his previous animated blockbusters.

So what's my point? Just to express what a thrill it was when Honeypot 's husband gave me the opportunity to pay homage to Pooh and all of the people that brought him into my childhood. But, as it should be, this page is intended to celebrate the fetching Honeypot and her own world of wonderment.


For at least a decade I have wanted to be a Toil Girl. I saw a beautiful portrait of a friend hanging on her wall and was enthralled by the careful detail to her curviness. I loved it! I wanted all my curves forever captured in art also! The years slipped by and I sadly never realized my dream of being a Toil Girl. Ten years later for my 40th birthday, my husband gifted me with an exciting surprise......He made me a Toil Girl!!!!!! A very awesome and fitting gift for my 40th! As for the theme of my picture......anyone who has known me for years knows me as Honeypot.....a throwback to my yahoo group days when we went by email names. I have always loved Winnie the Pooh and have a large collection of Pooh and Friends related stuff. I also have a love of theater and costumes......I love to play dress up! And so between my husband, lots of pictures of me, and the talent of Les Toil this wonderful Honeypot art was created! Even though I had absolutely no input on the creation of my Toil Girl picture......I love It and am amazed by how well my personality was captured in this lovely piece of art! Thanks to my wonderful husband for a perfect gift! And thank you Les Toil for making me forever gorgeously immortal in your art .


My absolute joy and pleasure Honeypot. Thanks a million times over for the flattering words, and thanks to both you and your husband (who I've come to know thanks to Facebook) for making me a part of that important milestone celebration in your life. Great concept and a beautiful model.


Oh, and I think I'll run a Wiki search on E.H. Shepard now.





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